Thousands of dollars of damage at Ashland construction company

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ASHLAND - The Ashland Police Department said Friday found an estimated $100,000 worth of damage Thursday morning at an Ashland construction site.

Ashland Chief of Police Lyn Woolford said workers found a trackhoe running on the property of a construction company on Ashland Industrial Drive. Police said someone operated the trackhoe and ran into the other construction vehicles.  

"We have some leads that we're following to determine who might be responsible for this," Woolford said.

He didn't want to speculate how the damage would impact the business, but said repair work would have to be done to the three vehicles. Though the trackhoe was found running, Woolford said it was not damaged in the vandalism. 

"It wasn't found until the damage was done," Woolford said.

The company is placed on open land without gates or fences and Woolford didn't believe there was any type of extra security.

Woolford also said no one called in any suspicious or loud noises the night of the vandalism and there was no other vandalism done besides the construction site. 

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