Thousands of Easter eggs drop from the sky

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Fire Department will drop 10,000 Easter eggs from the sky in the city's first Egg-A-Palooza Egg Drop on Sunday at Cosmopolitan Park.

“They’re just going to be falling from the sky!” said Madi Denton, director of college ministry at Missouri United Methodist Church.

Six surrounding Methodist churches partnered with the Fire Department to host the egg drop.

The Fire Department will drop eggs from the top of the fire truck ladder at three times: 3:30 p.m., 3:55 p.m. and 4:20 p.m.

Each drop time will be for a different age group, ranging from 1- to 11-year-olds. After the eggs drop, the kids will rush the field to grab as many eggs as possible.

Each Easter egg will have candy inside and are sealed to prevent it from breaking after the drop. 

Associate pastor Charity Goodwin of Missouri United Methodist Church brought the idea to Columbia after seeing other egg drops in Kansas City.

The churches initially tried to get a helicopter to drop the eggs, but Denton said local aviation rules prevented this.

Denton said she wanted the event to bring churches together.

“I think so often there’s a stigma around the entire church body as a whole that we are in competition,” Denton said. “I think by us coming together, partnering and really making an effort to just love on the community that all of us serve every day. It’s this idea that we’re doing this together.”

Denton wanted the event to bring the community together and invite families to the churches' Easter services next weekend. 

The Egg-A-Palooza Egg Drop will also have the Easter bunny, food trucks, and balloon animals.