Three burglaries in Harrisburg area could be related

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HARRISBURG - Since late November there have been three reports of home break-ins in the Harrisburg area, according to the Boone County Sheriff's Department. 

The most recent break-in occurred in the 13300 block of Bethlehem Road, off of Route E, on Tuesday, according to the Boone County Sheriff's Department. 

Boone County Detective Tom O'Sullivan said because of the close proximity and type of things that were taken during the three break ins, the three could be connected. "We think there's a strong possibility all three are related," O'Sullivan said. 

The homes were forcibly broken into during the day while nobody was home.

O'Sullivan said several thousands of dollars in items have been taken including jewelry, a handgun and money.

He encourages people to report suspicious activity. If you see vehicles or persons you aren't familiar with, call 911.

O'Sullivan said he would rather have people call about suspicious activity that turns out to be nothing, rather than someone not coming forward and someone potentially getting away.