Three Callaway County economic organizations vote to merge

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FULTON - Months of consideration came to a head Tuesday night as the Fulton Area Chamber of Commerce held a member vote to decide whether it should merge with two other local organizations.

The other organizations are the Fulton Area Development Corporation and the Show Me Innovation Center.

The three bodies have been talking about the possible consolidation since at least November, with ideas floating even before then.

President of Fulton Chamber of Commerce Matt Gowin says this merger will benefit Callaway County citizens.

"It means that we have three non-profit entities whose focus will be joined together, and the goal being to increase employment opportunities, to enhance the products and services that we currently offer in Callaway County, and to add to the quality of life for those people living here and desiring to shop and be employed here," he said.

The Joint Committee for Consolidation, made by the city, approached the groups with the idea that they should work together.

The three organizations have some overlapping goals. The FACC primarily focuses on retail businesses. The FADC focuses on attracting larger companies to the area. The SMIC is designed to support small businesses and growing entrepreneurship.