Thriving Home blog continues to thrive on the shelves and in digital spaces

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COLUMBIA – Two bloggers, mothers and business partners are ringing in the new year with a new work. Polly Conner and Rachel Tiemeyer, founders of the "Thriving Home" blog are in the beginning phases of their newest cookbook with recipes for the slow cooker and instant pot.

“The dinner time struggle is real,” Conner said, as she described some of her own personal difficulties when it comes to the dinnertime hour. With three young kiddos at home, Conner said the cookbook is for moms just like her and Rachel, who sometimes struggle with getting food on the table with busy schedules.

Conner and Tiemeyer published their first cookbook, “From Freezer to Table,” which provides more than 75 whole foods recipes that promote a freezing cooking lifestyle, which can save moms time, money and stress while in the kitchen.

The pair jokingly refers to themselves as the “freezer cooking evangelists,” who spread a message through their meals. Their blog, "Thriving Home" began as a hobby and later developed into a business.

In part, the team said they began the business with the hope that it would one day serve as a part time income for their families. Shortly after two years of sewing their seed, they began to see the fruits of their harvest.

Publishers began contacting the duo as they were one of the top content producers of freezer cooking recipes. Since then, their partnership has developed higher stakes, and Tiemeyer discussed the relationship she and Conner share inside and outside of the business.

Conner said, “we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses well.”

Tiemeyer serves as the copy editor and manages the company’s finances, whereas Conner serves as the project manager, who begins the projects, moves them forward and sees the final product come to life.

“We work very well together. We are friends outside of 'Thriving Home,' which is great,” Conner said. “It’s great having a friend as a business partner.”

They even jokingly described their relationship as a marriage.

“You don’t go into a business partnership lightly with someone. You have to really trust them," Conner said.

Outside of their “work marriage,” they have their real marriages, to Austin Conner and Nathan Tiemeyer, both pastors at The Crossing Church.

“We couldn’t do this without our husbands,” Tiemeyer said. “They’re the unseen backbone; they’re the number one taste testers, they’re the first responders, our cheerleader and double date partners.” The duo said all of the content they produce through "Thriving Home" is just a natural overflow of their lives.

“We write about what we’re learning, what we’re cooking, what we’re doing, and then we’re strategic about it as well. We know recipes are the ones that get more shares and more pins, so we do those the most out of anything else, but we also realize the value of people knowing us as people.”

And as people, this team said they cannot help but express their faith in Christ, through their work.

“We feel like 'Thriving Home' and our book deals really are an opportunity from God. God has given us this, we want to be good stewards of this and use it for the good of many people.”

To keep up with Polly Conner and Rachel Tiemeyer, follow Thriving Home for their weekly menu plans, recipes and web extras on a weekly basis. Their new cookbook will make its debut in Fall of 2019, but until then check out “From Freezer to Table.”