Thursday Night Live hosted at new location after building wall collapses

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JEFFERSON CITY - Thursday Night Live in Jefferson City has relocated because a wall that partially collapsed last week is still unstable.

The event will be on Monroe and East High Streets, instead of Madison and East High streets.

John Hickey, the owner of Wise Productions, said this week's set up has been more complicated than it usually is.

"It's been a routine for numerous years and now our routine is broken, so it's taken more planning," he said.

Hickey was one of the first people who witnessed the side of the Turnbull and Stark Law Offices fall apart last week. He was starting to set up for Thursday Night Live's sound and lights.

Sean Kirkonian, an event coordinator with Daily Plan-it, said the event being canceled last week negatively impacted to revenue for local businesses.

"A lot of the bars count on Thursday Night Live to help them get through the summertime. The event itself still has expenses. We have to pay for sound and lighting and all the setup and everything so the event did take a hit last week but we hope to recover some of that tonight," he said.

Kirkonian said he hopes the event can be moved back to the intersection of Madison and East High streets for next Thursday's event. 

"We love it here, it's the center of the block and it's the best place for it," he said.

Public Works said Madison Street will be fully open again tomorrow morning at 6 a.m.

Building official Larry Burkhardt said Public Works is trying to turn the site of the partial collapse into a construction site rather than an emergency situation so the owner can decide what he wants and the city can limit its use of resources.

There is still no clear indication as to why the building started collapsing. For the mean time, wooden shores have been put up to stabilize the outside walls to prevent more damage to the structure.

"Something had to push it or  do something with it so that's what we're trying to determine, what happened actually," Burkhardt said. 

Burkhardt said the owner has been asked to either fix the building or take it down so there's no concern for public safety, but each case is unique and he's not sure what the timeframe  will be. 

He also said the city wants the public to keep away from the area so it can limit it to construction professionals and design professionals.

"Everybody have patience please, it doesn't just happen every day and it takes special resources to be able to get in there to be able to figure out what's going on so we'll know more later," Burkhardt said.