Tick Disease Spreading Across Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Experts say animal lovers should be on the lookout for symptoms of diseases spread by ticks. One of the most recent cases happened in St. Joseph. Missouri is one of the states that are the worst in the nation for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Columbia veterinarian Greg Chapman said every year animals are brought into Noah's Ark Animal Hospital to be treated for tick-related diseases.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Missouri is one of the five states that make up 60 percent of Rocky Mountain Spotted cases in the nation.

Chapman said the best way to protect animals is with an effective, safe, flea and tick product.

Chapman said humans aren't as lucky to have a repellent. To protect people, he suggests self-examining yourself for ticks after going outdoors.

In Missouri, the deer tick, the lone star tick, the rocky mountain spotted fever tick, and the dog tick are the most common types of ticks.