Tiger Fans React to Curators' Announcement

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COLUMBIA - Tiger fans reacted Tuesday night after the MU Board of Curators announced it is not recommitting to the Big 12 and wants to consider its options. 

Fans gave mixed reviews about what conference Mizzou should end up in ranging from staying with the Big 12 to becoming part of the Big 10.

"I like the big 12, obviously it's having its troubles. It's kind of on the brink of dissolving. If it doesn't dissolve I'd like to stay with the Big 12, if it does I think the SEC would be the best conference for Mizzou to go to," MU student Mike Haueisen said.

Mizzou fan Tim Dolan thinks SEC is the way to go.

"I think Mizzou should go to the SEC personally because they're more known, they're more famous, get to play against better teams," Dolan said.

And MU student Connor Allen brought another conference into the mix as a possible option.

"I think the Big 10 because I think it would be a good academic move for our school as well as I think we can stay really competitive with all the schools," Allen said.

The MU Faculty Council chimed in on the discussion and how it will impact academics at the university.  Council chairman Henry Tyrer said conference realignment won't have a huge affect on academics because the athletic department is separate from the education side of things.  Tyrer said this is the case financially as well.

"The issue of money is that the athletic department pays for itself and if it loses its revenues it's obviously felt within the department," Tyrer said.

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton said there are no deadlines for Mizzou to announce its conference allegiance.  Deaton said he is not ruling out staying in the Big 12.