Tiger Hotel Holds Media Tour of Newly Completed Rooms

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COLUMBIA - The Tiger Hotel in downtown Columbia invited media for a tour Wednesday morning to show off the newly renovated rooms in the hotel.

Hotel owner Glyn Laverick led the tour. He said this project is a "top down" renovation. Crews started the renovations on the ninth floor and will finish on the bottom floor.

The tour took media to the second, third and ninth floor to show off the new suites and bathrooms.

Laverick said he hopes the Tiger Hotel will help make downtown Columbia a destination for travelers. The hotel is the only four-star hotel between Kansas City and St. Louis. He said this is one of the main reasons for the renovations.

"It was just such a shame not to have a true downtown hotel and not to have a luxury hotel anywhere in the city let alone downtown," Laverick said.

Laverick said crews have completed 39 of the 62 rooms. Laverick said he expects construction to be completed by the end of the year.

The hotel is renovating 73,000 square feet of empty space in the hotel. Laverick said he is preserving a historical icon in Columbia.

The hotel is partically funded by the City of Columbia through tax increment financing (TIF).

KOMU 8 News reported possible price gouging by the hotel during home football weekends. After the story aired, the Missouri State Attorney General got involved and the hotel refunded affected customers.

Now, a month-long investigation shows Laverick has a troubled past as an entrepreneur. Tune in to KOMU 8 News on Thursday at six and ten for the two-part Target 8 investigation.