Tiger Hotel

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COLUMBIA - The Tiger Hotel has agreed to refund the customers that it initially overcharged this past weekend. The hotel tried to double the rate for customers who made reservations for the Missouri's inaugural SEC game against Georgia. The Missouri Attorney General's Office confirmed Wednesday it was investigating the hotel after receiving two formal complaints from customers saying the hotel is unfairly raising rates. KOMU 8 News first broke the story last Friday of possible unfair business practices at the hotel.

The person featured in the KOMU 8 report, Kennett, Missouri resident Tina Brown, filed a complaint after the hotel tried to double her rates in July for a hotel room she booked in January.

A representative for State Senator Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, said the senator sent a letter to Attorney General Chris Koster asking him to "aggressively" investigate the Tiger Hotel.

The attorney general's office said late Wednesday the hotel will be offering refunds to people who where overcharged.

The hotel issued its own release just before 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, saying:

"The Tiger Hotel has resolved the recent situation with hotel guests who contacted us about their room rate discrepancies; these parties have been reimbursed for the difference of the room rates.

Additionally, representatives from The Tiger Hotel have spoken to the Attorney General's office, which is satisfied with our resolution of the matter regarding the recent inquiries regarding room rate discrepancies.

The Tiger Hotel recognizes the importance of providing visitors a four-star hotel experience during their time in Columbia. With the many activities and events happening in our community, we want to ensure a first-rate luxury hotel experience for each of our guests, and we want to assure all future guests of this commitment."