Tiger Pantry exchanges teddy bears for canned goods

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COLUMBIA - Tiger Food Pantry is hosting "Caring Bearing Sharing" at the MU Student Center from 4 - 6 p.m. Monday. 

People can donate five cans, five dollars or one meal swipe in exchange for an animal to stuff. 

Tiger Pantry Operations Coordinator Mathew Swan said Caring Bearing Sharing plays an important role in raising support for Tiger Pantry. 

"It's always a challenge to keep our shelves full, so anything we can do to raise some cans, swipes or even money is a great opportunity for us," Swan said.

Last year, the event raised around $200, 200 canned goods and 150 swipes. Members of the executive board are hoping to raise just as much this year.

Tiger Pantry was established in 2012 in hopes of changing the perception of hunger on campus.

According to the Tiger Pantry's website, the organization benefits students, faculty and staff at MU.

"Food insecurity is a huge problem, especially on college campuses," Swan said. "It impacts everyone in a lot of ways from grades, to mental health, so doing anything you can to give back and help other people is just a great opportunity."