Tiger Pantry Planning Fundraising Push

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COLUMBIA - Officials from the newly opened Tiger Pantry at MU said Friday afternoon, they were doing okay on donations.  The pantry opened three weeks ago, and is now planning a big fundraising campaign to keep up with the number of clients.

Zach Toombs from the Missouri Students Association said that from November 1st, to November 16th, the pantry will hold a mass marketing and e-mail campaign to raise money for the food bank. The campaign will include a new click to donate feature on the Tiger Pantry website.

Tiger Pantry is expecting to receive 2,500 lbs of food from the MU Homecoming Food Drive, but the pantry is still in need of funds. According to Tiger Pantry Founder Nick Droege, the pantry's budget from MSA is $5,000 each fiscal year, but Droege said ideally they don't want to spend that money to buy food for clients.

There are 160 clients signed up for Tiger Pantry right now, and Droege said he expects that number to increase. "No matter what, we are going to stay open, how we stay open might have to change, but right now, I'm happy with the way we're operating," said Droege.

The Tiger Pantry board is meeting Sunday to discuss operating costs going forward.