Tiger Town Proposal Nixed By Organizers

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COLUMBIA - The lead organizer of the Tiger Town project announced Wednesday that plans for the event will not come together in time for Missouri's inaugural SEC season.

Greg Steinhoff said the plan was axed because of a lack of financial support. Steinhoff told KOMU that Tiger Town would need hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for the events, which were scheduled to take place before SEC home games. He said he and his organizers had to ask for large portions of funding ,up to $75,000 from individual businesses.

"It looks like we weren't quite able to get it across the finish line. It's all set up for someone else down the road," Steinhoff said.

The plan was initially met with mixed reactions from local sports bars who rely on football fans for revenue.

Amanda, a waitress at Quinton's Bar & Deli, said Tiger Town would have shown SEC fans that Columbia was a "cool city" and would have made a "good impression."

"We really got our hopes up about it," she said.

Other businesses had qualms about the proposal.

Jay Rader, a manager at Bengals Bar & Grill, says cancelling the event will have no effect on his business.

"Without Tiger Town, it will be business as usual for us. Downtown Columbia has always been a fun and vibrant place for fans to gather on game days," said Rader.

Steinhoff says he hopes the idea of Tiger Town will come to fruition in the future.