Tiger Trolley Tours

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COLUMBIA - A new tour company starts routes Wednesday in Columbia, hoping to show off both Columbia's heritage and potential. Tiger Trolley Tours promises to provide professional and fun sightseeing tours for residents and town visitors.

The ribbon cutting takes place at 5 p.m. at the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

Several of the planned tours include "Welcome to Columbia," "College Town USA," and custom designed tours.  The tour vehicle is a motorized trolley that holds 18 to 24 passengers. 

The two women bringing this amenity to town are Jolene Schulz and Cindy Mustard.  Schulz was a former admisintrator for Columbia Public Schools and Mustard was the past director of the Voluntary Action Center.

Before Schulz retired, she helped manage a tour system.  She said is was a dream of hers and she just needed a partner to embark on the project.  Schulz said Mustard, being a Columbia native, was just the person to help start the program.  The two hope the tours will be an asset to the community.  "What we are really hoping is to attract more visitors to Columbia, we'll have more people that will hear about it and want to come see what we have to offer in Columbia," Mustard said.