Tigers on the Battlefield

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COLUMBIA - Tiger fans usually see the Mizzou football players competing on Faurot Field. On Tuesday, the team played on a different kind of field.

The Missouri Football Team traded in their helmets for facemasks and their pigskins for paintballs. The task was to capture the flag from the other teams territory. Most of the players had one objective and that was to not get shot. While some stood strong, some fell during battle, and others were shot by their own side.
Kip Edwards, a junior defensive back was one player who got caught from behind, "I was shot by friendly fire, my own teammate Rolandis Woodland shot me in the back".

Jerrell Jackson, a senior wide receiver thought that paintball was similar to a familiar sport, "It's kinda like football, it's not an individual thing, you gotta come together as a team". And that's exactly what the battle did, even though paintball separated the men into combat units. Jared Parham, RS freshman linebacker agrees, " Everybody was involved and I liked that, even the trainers, you wouldn't think Coach Pinkel would get down with us but he's just that kind of guy". This bond will be taken from the paintball field and onto Faurot. The paintball battle is an annual event to wrap-up spring football.