Tigers Shine from the Three-Point Line

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COLUMBIA- Phil Pressey was 7-38 from the three-point range in SEC play but Pressey made 4 out of 8 three-pointers against the Rebels.

Mizzou was shooting 33.5 percent from three-point land but you wouldn't know it if you watched this game as the Tigers made 12 of 23 three pointers.

Perhaps the perfect example of the Tigers having a season-best performance from deep was Keion Bell. Bell had made just four threes all season long, but he made all 3 of his three-point shots in Mizzou's win.

"You know just stepping into my shot confidently and knocking it down you know. Every time we're on the road or in the hotel Phil's my roommate and he's just been talking to me about where he's going to find me, just stepping into it confidently and being confident in my shot," Bell said.

Coach Haith wasn't surprised by Bell's big day.

"I think it's just comfortability. Keion, he shoots just as much as anybody on our team. He's always in the gym shooting," Haith said.

And Coach believes Bell is just starting to get his offensive groove on.

"He knows his role as a driver but obviously as he's able to make some 3s that makes his game even more difficult," Haith said.

While the threes were falling, Coach Haith doesn't want the team to go away from its biggest strength.

"Our goal is we got 42 points in the paint. So I don't even want us to get away from understanding who we are as a team. We're a paint production team now. Those 3s come off dribble penetration or throwing it inside out I like that. I don't want us falling in love with the 3 point shot particularly in the early offense," Haith said.

For at least one Saturday afternoon, the Tigers offense put on a show whether it was from the perimeter or under the basket.