Tilley\'s Last Act: Eleventh-Hour Raise for House Staffers

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JEFFERSON CITY - KOMU 8 News learned early Tuesday that retiring house speaker Steven Tilley granted raises to workers in Missouri House administration as well as those working for house members, all in addition to cost of living raises already planned for those workers. An e-mail sent Monday night from house Chief Clerk and Administrator Adam Crumbliss states the speaker cut costs and found efficiencies to generate savings with which to pay the staff.

The full text of the e-mail is below:

From: Adam Crumbliss
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:21 PM
To: _House Members and Staff
Subject: Compensation Adjustments

Dear House Members and Staff:

In June, Speaker Tilley made it clear the House should pursue a path
that emphasizes an increased investment in House staff. Over the last
few months we have identified several areas to cut costs and improve
efficiency with the goal of using the savings to reinvest in staff.

In his final act as Speaker, Representative Tilley has directed me to
implement additional salary adjustments beyond the recent Cost of
Living Adjustment for both Member Office Staff and Administrative

These adjustments will be first noticed in paychecks at the end of
August. Member Office Staff will each receive a one-step salary
adjustment. A new salary grid will be available on the Housenet in
the coming days to assist employees in determining their new
compensation level. Administrative staff directors will be meeting
with administrative employees in the coming days to discuss approved
adjustments for each employee. Also, feel free to discuss the matter
with either me, Carol Althoff, or her staff in the Administration

The House administration is deliberately and aggressively seeking out
new methods of efficiency. The strategy of technological integration
is avoiding countless unnecessary costs, enhancing transparency, and
providing more efficient and effective legislative processes. A new
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system will soon be
implemented to cut costs. Administrative staff directors have made
some difficult choices on personnel and spending priorities. Member
office staff have worked to cut costs, suggest opportunities for
streamlining, and are working through substantial changes in the
organization. All of these actions are beginning to provide new

The House is enriched by the work of outstanding employees. Our
state, and even our nation, stand on the precipice of great change.
Our workforce is changing, our needs are changing, and our dreams are
changing. I believe our goal should be to become the leading public
sector employer-of-choice among Missourians. This goal should be
reflected in our productivity, accountability, customer service,
compensation, and willingness to be the standard-bearer of public

For my part, I wish to thank Speaker Tilley for his willingness to
confront tough issues, take a stand even when not popular, and lead
the House in a new direction. Change is tough. It reaches into the
very essence of our souls and wrestles with the most cherished of
ideas, beliefs, and notions. It brings about truths - both in
success and failure - and dares us to do better and be better.
Speaker Tilley has given me the opportunity to both succeed and fail
and been a strong guide in both. It is my hope that the House will be
better for it as well.


D. Adam Crumbliss
Chief Clerk and Administrator