TIMELINE: Six months since COVID-19 hit Missouri

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MISSOURI - The first case of the novel coronavirus in Missouri was reported in St. Louis six months ago on March 7.

The virus quickly shut down schools, businesses, restaurants and churches. It canceled weddings, graduations and birthdays. 

Eleven days after the virus was first announced in Missouri, the first COVID-19 related death in Missouri occurred in Boone County.

On March 24, Boone County put in place a county wide stay-at-home order. 

While many of the counties and towns already had these orders in place, Gov. Mike Parson ordered a statewide stay-at-home order on April 3.

One month into the virus being in Missouri, on April 7, the state had 3,037 COVID-19 cases.

On April 9, Gov. Parson ordered all public and charter schools to close for the remainder of the academic year, although many schools were already virtual learning at this point.

On May 4, businesses and churches slowly began to reopen, following social distancing guidelines.

Two months into the virus being in Missouri, on May 7, 9,341 Missourians had tested positive for the virus and there were 418 reported deaths. 

Just one month later, on June 7, the positive number of cases hit 14,553.

Nine days later, on June 16, Gov. Parson removed all statewide health restrictions, but many cities and counties still had their own in place.

On July 10, a mandatory mask mandate went into effect for the city of Columbia.

There were 57,379 reported COVID-19 cases statewide on August 7

Boone County prepared for the return of students to classes. When MU began the fall semester on August 24, there were 159 reported active student cases on campus.

Just five days later on August 28, the city of Columbia restricted bars to stop serving alcohol by 9 p.m. and mandated a 10 p.m. closure time.

As of Sept. 7, 94,340 Missourians have gotten the virus and 1,659 have died from COVID-19 related deaths.