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FULTON - A tiny house in Fulton has become the talk around the town. The house is being built along Business Route 54 in Fulton, a busy road leading in and out of town. 

After construction began on the house, the Fulton City Council asked the city to create an ordinance that would set a minimum size requirement for new structures.

Director of Administration Bill Johnson said the city council asked the administration to draft an ordinance.

The bill was proposed at a city council meeting in Sept., but the council could not reach a joint agreement. 

"I think some of the reasons the city council wanted further discussion involved whether the city should be having anything to do with deciding how big of a house can be, or rather how small of a house can be in the city," Johnson said.

Bill 1482 reads, "The R-1, R-2, and/or R-3 residential structure must cover a minimum of 700 square feet of habitable space on a standard lot. On a substandard lot, or a lot of less than 7,000 square feet, the habitable space must be at least 10 percent of the square footage of a substandard lot with a minimum of 500 square feet of habitable space."

Right now the City of Fulton does not allow people to build on the smaller substandard lots. If the bill were to pass, residents would be able to build smaller houses or even tiny houses on the lots, but with a minimum size requirement. 

Sarah Zoellner is one neighbor of the tiny house. She said she felt if the ordinance passed it,would be crossing the line.

"Well to me that's kind of big government trying to step in and tell us what we can and cannot do," Zoellner said. 

Zachary Althaus lives across from the tiny house. He said some residents who drive the route to work each day have claimed the house is an eye sore. 

"It doesn't bother me or my wife at all," Althaus said. "I think they should just take a different route to work if they don't like it, personally."

"I think no matter what happens somebody is going to have a problem with it," Althaus said. 

We were not able to contact the owner of the tiny house after several attempts.

Anyone can view the bill at the city clerk's office in Fulton. The city council will meet again on Oct. 10 to further discuss the proposed ordinance.