Tips for Better Gas Mileage

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COLUMBIA - Gas prices continue to rise, and drivers are looking for ways to save money by getting better gas mileage. Auto part shop owners say they've seen an increase in the number of customers shopping for ways to get more miles per gallon. Common purchases are new air filters, fuel injectors, and oil.

Columbia auto shop employee Perry Kylie said business has been tremendous since the spike in gas prices.

When asked what the most costly mistake people make in regards to getting good gas mileage, Kylie said "Letting routine maintenance go." 

Even the advertisements around his store display ways to save money on gas by getting better gas mileage. 

Driver Justin Early says he's been riding his bike to run errands because of high gas prices, but in addition he's made sure his truck is up to date on all maintenance. 

"I came in and got an air filter, changed my oil, fuel filter, etc. Actually, changing my fuel filter probably helped the most. Probably a good thirty to forty miles to a tank. People don't realize it, but a simple change like an air filter makes a difference," said Early. 

Mechanics tell KOMU 8 they have seen more customers seeking tune ups, tire rotations, and oil changes. The experts say keeping cars up to date on regular maintenance can save money in the long run, and outway the cost of maintenence. One Columbia mechanic says tire rotations alone can improve gas mileage by about eight percent.

Drivers should also make sure to have the correct tires when the season changes. Spring is the time to take off winter tires that cause more drag and use up more gas than summer tires. For a list of the cheapest gas prices in Columbia, look at this list.