Today's Talk: Columbia airport to receive money for advertising

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council will authorize an appropriation of $95,000 to the Columbia Regional Airport's 2015 advertising budget Monday. The money will be taken from the city's transportation sales tax.

In April, the State Aviation Trust Fund gave the airport a grant worth $135,000 for advertising.

The airport will likely use both the grant and the money from the city council to market the new second daily route American Airlines route to Chicago, which was added last year, according to Columbia Public Works Public Information Specialist Steven Sapp.

"This year we plan to use that money for additional marketing, especially for American Airlines," Sapp said. "Of course, we are hopeful that sometime next year we will get an additional route for American Airlines. So we are making sure we have adequate funds in place if that new route were to come about."

Sapp said he knows some people may be critical of using tax money for marketing, but he believes it will help improve the airport, which would be good for the city overall.