Toddlers Trample the Track at ARC Annual Event

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COLUMBIA - Witches, superheroes and even Captain Hook took over the ARC Saturday morning at the fifth annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Track or Treat.  Toddlers raced around the track in costume at the Halloween-themed event.

This is also the fifth year the ARC has put a Halloween spin on the race, bringing in goblins, gouls and creepy crawlers for festive decoration.

Little ones two to six years old were allowed to ride tricyles, big wheels, anything pedal-powered excluding bicycles.  They rode the ARC track, which is six and half laps to a mile, and supervisors logged their laps.

"We love it, we come every year.  No bikes are allowed though, so luckily we live close enough so I can run home for the tricycle!" a parent said.

Brian Higginbotham with the ARC said it's a fun event for the whole family and a great way to get the kids out to teach them about exercise.

"We thought what better way than to utilize our track, which is three abreast here, so big wheels are a really good idea for an event," he said.

Higginbotham said the ARC tries to program for all ages and since usually a large fitness area doesn't really cater to toddlers, the Track or Treat is a chance for tiny tots to use the facility also.

The kiddos got goodie bags and certificates when they finished.  Even with Homecoming as competition, about 40 kids turned out to round the track.