Tolton basketball father son duo

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COLUMBIA - Cory Riley always wanted to coach basketball and follow in his father's footsteps, and that dream became a reality last basketball season.

Riley joined his father, Curt Riley, as a coach for the Tolton girls basketball team last season. He's said it's been a dream.

"He's basically been what I want to be when I grow up... It's just a dream coaching basketball with my dad and at Tolton,"Cory said. 

However, Cory had to make a difficult decision before joining the program. He was playing baseball at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo. and would not be able to do both. He made his decision last season and said he made the right choice.

Curt Riley began Linn County when he graduated college. He was the head girls basketball coach in Kirksville when Cory was born.

"It's horrible at times I mean I've missed so much of his stuff, which gets me teary-eyed, and you do not get those days back. So him being here makes up for lost time, and it's pretty awesome," Curt said. 

However, there is another member of the family who does not get to see the two very often during season: Sheryl Riley.

"My mom always says 'Oh, basketball season's here I guess I'll see you guys two hours a day' because we are always here, with our second family," Cory said. 

Curt said there are times where Sheryl will not allow the two to talk about basketball.

 Cory said he likes the environment of coaching in a private school, but hopes to expand his career to the collegiate level in the future.