Tolton Catholic Boys Basketball Team Taking Big Steps

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COLUMBIA - It may be a small school, but the Tolton Catholic boys basketball team is doing big things.

"We've got some good athletes here. We've got kids that could easily play for Rock Bridge, Hickman, or any of the other public schools in the area. The opportunities are there because as a small school, you need people to fulfill those roles. It really gets them out of their comfort zones and forces them to be a little bit different and better than they probably would have been elsewhere" said Chad Masters, the Athletic Director at Tolton High School.

And the team is blazing a path of success at the new school. The Trailblazers are off to a 4-2 start.

"There's some pressure, but it's kind of cool to be laying the foundation for what our basketball program will be like" said Jordan Rasch, one of the players on the team.

There are 13 players on the basketball team, so that means one in every 5 students at Tolton is on the boys basketball team.

Spencer Hockman, a freshman basketball player said, "It's kind of cool because you're all friends on and off the court. So there's no turmoil on the team because you're all friends."

"We're getting somewhat similar of a situation of what you would find in a lot of small towns. You kind of grow up playing with the same kids from Kindergarten all the way up through high school to where you know where that person is going to go at all times and there'a benefit to that" adds Chad Masters.

And the small school gives these athletes an advantage on and off the court.

Josh Boyer, another freshman basketball player on the team stated that, "The teachers and coaches kind of focus on you more instead of a wide variety of people. So you actually get to get one--on-one time with the coach which is nice."

The school hopes to turn the one-on-one attention into first place results.

In hopes of achieving this, Chad Masters said, "We want to be successful. We want to put banners up in our gym. District titles, state titles, those things. So that's the bar we're setting for these kids."

It's a small step on the trail to success.