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BOONE COUNTY - The Boone County Sheriff said there are at least eight reports of stolen tools in the north Route B and Highway 63 North areas since October.

Due to the close proximity of the burglaries, it could be the same suspects stealing the hand tools, power tools, generators and other equipment reported stolen.

"We think it could possibly be the same people responsible because that's a few too many to be having in one certain area over a short period of time," said Boone County Sheriff's Department Detective Tom O'Sullivan.

Multiple home construction sites on Spiva Crossing Road and Low Crossing Road have reported tools stolen as well as residences on Peabody Road and Ketterer Road, and two businesses on Boone Industrial Drive.

A 16-foot construction trailer filled with tools on Spiva Crossing Road in Hallsville was stolen as well as sound and video equipment from a church storage facility on North Brown Station Road.

Detective O'Sullivan said it's hard to estimate the value of everything stolen but said its "multiple thousands of dollars."

He said it can be hard to track down stolen tools because the turnaround can be pretty quick for thieves selling them, who may travel long distances to do so.

"We check sites like Craigslist, Pawn Shops, but the pawn shops are pretty circumspect about tools that they take in," Detective O'Sullivan said. "A lot of these tools could wind up in other places Chillicothe, Macon, other areas just to get them out of here."

Detective O'Sullivan said construction sites and businesses that have been stolen from did not want to be contacted. KOMU spoke with several businesses on the Boone Industrial Drive as well as contractors on construction sites on Spiva Crossing Road, but none had been victims.

One contractor, who didn't want to use his name, told KOMU that he was not surprised to hear reports of the tool thefts, stating "it can be big money." He also said his crew takes it's tools home with them at night in order to avoid someone breaking into the site. 

All of the incidents reported happened in late night/early morning hours according to Detective O'Sullivan and there is no surveillance footage of the robberies.

Detective O'Sullivan said tool theft like this can be very common.

"It's up there with firearms, jewelry, electronics," he said. "Those are the top of the list for burglars and thrives. Those are high value items that can easily be converted to cash or drugs."