tornado recovery

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JEFFERSON CITY - After almost one month of the tornado recovery, some damaged businesses in Jefferson City are back into normal operation.

One local car dealership that hit by the tornado has moved from their original location to a new place.

Carey Riley, the co-owner of the Riley Auto Group, said his family first started the business in 1936 in Jefferson City. 

"We had little over 750 vehicles totaled by tornado and are not repairable," he said.

Riley said their plan for recovery is to keep their General Motor Store at the new location while they are rebuilding the damaged store.

The Office of Administration said they are still working on assessing the damage costs at the Missouri State Penitentiary. 

"We are still accessing the site and have not yet made a determination about how to move forward with the MSP," said Brittany Ruess, director of communication for Missouri Office of Administration.