Tornado rips through Macks Creek

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MACKS CREEK - Losing everything in a matter of minutes is hard to imagine, but for Amanda Emery, it was her reality.

The F1 tornado confirmed by the National Weather Service hit Macks Creek and scattered her home over the area. Emery did not want to talk with any news outlets, but her best friend Brittany Ware recounted the experience from her perspective. 

"I texted her last night because of the weather because I know she lives on her own," Ware said.

Ware said she sent a text message to Emery right as the storm began and received a response almost 30 minutes later. 

"She said she was in the bath tub, and she just kind of rode along with it," she said. 

Emery, along with all her belongings, were picked up by the tornado and moved to another area of the neighborhood. Ware said Emery's car was even picked up and moved a little ways down the road. She said when Emery got to her car both of the windows on the passenger side were blown out. 

Emery's neighbor Mike Waters has lived in Macks Creek his whole life and he said he had never seen a tornado cause as much damage as the one Monday night. 

"The back door to my bedroom blew open, and I was lying in bed sleep. It woke me up right then," Waters said. "I had to find a place to get down." 

Waters said when he walked out of his home Tuesday morning, the tree next to his house had been uprooted and parts of the uprooted tree were on his roof. He said no damage was done to his roof and it only caused a "little dent." 

Waters said he would spend Tuesday picking up some of the wreckage from around his home. Emery, along with her family and friends, went through the debris from her home picking up and saving any valuables they could find.

Although there was extensive damage, there were no deaths in Macks Creek.

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