Tournament Time: Redemption or Elimination

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HARRISBURG - It was the perfect ending to a perfect season.

The Harrisburg girls' basketball team finished last season with a perfect 34-0 record and a Class 2 state title. The 2011 Lady Bulldogs look to repeat last year's perfection.

Although, the task falls on the shoulders of a new team.

"You don't replace them. You just find different ways of getting the job done," Harrisburg head coach Dan Bachmeier said.

Last year's championship game was the last time former senior Ashley Fisher would put on a red and white uniform. Now playing for Columbia College, Fisher does what she's always done.

Even with the change of venue, she keeps the winning trend alive.

"I feel like there's a lot of pressure on us. It's difficult, but I mean we love basketball so we try our best to please everyone and ultimately please ourselves," Harrisburg senior Lindsey Roberts said.

The Lady Bulldogs sit at 18-4 and have made a name for themselves without the help of Fisher.

"It's not easy, It's not easy having a coach like me who's very demanding. Very demanding of perfection. We could be up 20 or down 20 and I am still demanding perfection," Bachmeier said.

It's tournament time for Harrisburg. The team looks to repeat for its second state championship in a row.