Tow Truck Services Save the Day During Snowfall

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COLUMBIA - While much of Mid-Missouri enjoyed a break from school or work Thursday, some individuals saw their business pick up.

Tiger Towing in Columbia said it has been inundated with calls because so many drivers ended up in ditches or off the road.

Travis Foote is a driver for Tiger Towing. He said he is originally from northern California, so he isn't used to seeing this much snow pile up. When asked what made him decide to become a tow truck driver, his response was "somebody's got to do it."

Tiger Towing says many calls came from throughout Mid-Missouri Thursday. However, due to dangerous road conditions, many of the truck operators decided that it was best to stay within Columbia city limits for its services.

"Outside of town is just too messed up right now. I mean, it's more likely they haven't done any of the roads, and we can't really risk getting one of our trucks stuck. It's a whole other issue trying to pull out a giant tow truck that's stuck in the snow or something," Foote said.

When asked for the best advice for driving in winter weather, Foote stressed just using common sense.

"Be prepared for it, think ahead. I mean, if you have a little Honda that doesn't have good tires, don't try and go out in the snow or something 'cause you're just gonna get stuck. Just use common sense. Drive, you know, drive safe," Foote said.

Foote said the cost of a simple tow from Tiger Towing costs about $50, but if crews have to pull the car out of a ditch, that may cost closer to $60 or even $70.