Town Holds Meeting Over Poor Water Quality

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KEYTESVILLE- High levels of lead and copper in the water supply forced the City of Keytesville to call its first ever town hall meeting on Monday. Residents discovered their drinking water was tainted a little over five weeks ago. The city is unsure of how long the water has had high levels of lead and copper since the last test was done three years ago.

Resident Christy Ruth said the city has had water problems for years and she doesn't trust its quality. She said she buys four to six cases of bottled water for her household. Ruth has five children who have complained to her that their bathwater looks dirty. "How do you get your kids clean when the water is brown?" Ruth said.

The water color is sometimes brown or red due to a high level of iron. Residents were advised to not drink the water if it appeared to be discolored.

Resident Robert Wheeler said he is concerned but still drinks the water. "It doesn't taste weird but sometimes there is a real strong chlorine taste," Wheeler said.

The city must complete another round of sampling to make sure the levels are consistently stable. The next scheduled test is scheduled for June 30th.