Traffic on I-70

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COLUMBIA - Drivers heading eastbound on Interstate 70 on Friday were locked in traffic for hours due to four separate accidents throughout the day.

The first accident was an over turned truck that spilled 20 gallons of fuel. The driver was taken to the hospital but is doing alright. Officials cleared the road after a few hours but traffic stayed heavy.

Later in the afternoon there were three more accidents, one of which resulted in someone being brought to the hospital in a helicopter.

The Missouri Department of Transportation put signs on the interstate alerting drivers of the conditions. There was also a sign informing drivers that 306 people have already died this year in fatal car accidents.

One MoDot official said she hopes drivers will be more cautious, especially with the Fourth of July weekend coming up. She said she expects traffic could look like it did Friday, but if drivers pay attention and drive the speed limit hopefully there won't be as many accidents.