Transportation Sales Tax Now Up to Voters

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri voters will have to decide whether better roads are worth a higher sales tax.

Missouri lawmakers passed legislation which would implement a transportation sales tax Wednesday afternoon.

The bill includes a three-quarter-cent sales tax to help with the state's transportation system.

Currently Missouri has the 7th largest transportation system in the United States but is 43rd in funding.

"It will be on all products that are sold in the state excluding food and prescription drugs over a 10 year period," Rep. Dave Hinson said.

The sales tax was originally supposed to be increased one percent, but was lowered in the senate to soften opposition.

Half way through the 10 year period, the House and Senate will come together as a joint committee to review MoDOT's projects and make sure it's using that money correctly.

This sales tax would also give more money to MoDOT after a drastic decrease in funding in the last several years.

Over the course of the next 10 years, the bill will provide nearly $1 billion in revenue for Missouri's roads.

The measure will be put to voters in the next election.