Trash Compactor

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Solid Waste Utility and Downtown Community Improvement District will meet Wednesday night to discuss the addition of three new trash compactors to downtown.

Officials say this will help with overflowing dumpsters and reduce the risk of contaminants in streams and lakes.

Steve Hunt, the Solid Waste Utility Manager, said that this will also reduce the risk of rodent infestations.

“Trash on the ground, it can attract other things, it can attract rodents, rats, mice, insects, you know the harmful vectors,” Hunt said.

Currently Columbia is seeing a growth in businesses and residential living downtown.

“As businesses come and go, and change in the downtown, we are still re-looking to make sure we are meeting everybody’s needs,” Hunt said.

Hunt said that trash compactors are a far more efficient way to get rid of trash.

“One compactor is equivalent to 30 dumpsters.”

Katie Essing, the Executive Director of the Downtown Community Improvement District, said dumpsters are overflowing very frequently downtown, especially on weekends.

“It causes an impact and it is just not the experience we want to offer”

The plan would put new compactors by My House Bar and Grill off of South 7th Street and off an alley near East Broadway.

Each compactor will cost roughly $25,000, but Hunt said the cost will be offset by the reduction of hours needed to clean up trash.