Travel Agencies Mostly Unaffected after Carnival Issues

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COLUMBIA - After another Carnival cruiseliner reported having technical issues which forced travelers to cut their cruise short, local travel agents told KOMU 8 News Thursday they have actually seen an increase in customers asking for Carnival cruise packages. 

Shelly Lin, a travel agent with Adelmann Travel Company, said she has received many calls from customers asking about Carnival's deals and if the cruise line has lowered their prices due to the recent news making headlines.

"We've actually saw a little more of a pickup on cruise calls to see if there were cheap cruises going on," Lin said.

Lin also said she doesn't think it is fair to single out Carnival in this issue because the chance of what happened on the Carnival Dream is "one in a million".

"It could have happened to any of the cruise lines. And if you look at the history, there's, you know, some of the other cruise lines have had this happen. Not on such a large scale, but have had this happen," Lin said.

Jerry Price is the office manager and travel agent at Suzy Davis Travel. He said his company did have several customers that were scheduled on Carnival's Triumph that had the engine fire, who were re-located to another Carnival cruiseliner.

He said it often takes a lot to change someone's mind after they have decided to book a cruise package, especially if they are "repeat cruisers".

"Probably more than any other type of vacation group, they're resistant to some of the stories they hear that have negative information," Price said.

Lin said she knows of a group that recently booked a Carnival cruise vacation, but has not heard from them in terms of wanting to change their reservations. 

A couple who was booking a Carnival cruise for their daughter's wedding told KOMU 8 News they had no fears about booking with Carnival cruise lines, and had no comment about the recent issues with engine fires and other problems with Carnival in recent weeks.