Travelers head through Ozarkland on way to Labor Day destinations

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KINGDOM CITY - People from all over the country stopped by Ozarkland in Kingdom City on the way to their Labor Day destinations.

While some expressed concern about the recent spike in COVID-19 numbers in mid-Missouri, most were determined to enjoy their days off while staying safe. 

Heidi Armstrong and Ladonna Botsford made the journey from Wrangell Island, Alaska for something they could not get at home. 

“So, what brings us here?” Botsford said, “I found a car that I wanted to buy, it’s a 2021, so there’s not very many being made yet. The one that had the actual model streamline everything like that, was at a dealership in Indiana so I decided I needed to go on an adventure to pick this car up.”

It was a love of fudge and an age-old road-trip mentality that brought them to one of mid-Missouri’s favorite tourist locations. 

“Heidi saw the [billboard] for fudge and not long after that we saw that calories on a road trip don’t count," Botsford said, "So we’re like, there’s a sign, it’s time to stop for fudge."

While COVID-19 was a concern for the two women, they were determined to be safe and still have the adventure of a life time. 

“I’m a little weary about staying in hotels, I don’t mind sleeping in the car," Botsford said. "But yeah, put your mask on, wash your hands, I’ve got hand sanitizer in the car."

Locally, members of the Mexico Cross Country team made a quick stop for some of Ozarkland’s famous taffy before going to the Lake of the Ozarks. Emanuel Ramirez, a junior at Mexico High school, was just glad to get an extra day off of school. 

“[I’m looking forward to] Boating, being outside in the nice weather, and no school," he said. "School sucks because of COVID."