Treasurer Zweifel Releases More Than 120 Military Medals

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JEFFERSON CITY - State Treasurer Clint Zweifel today released the names of the owners of more than 120 military medals with the goal of returning these medals to the veterans who earned them.

The Military Medal Return Bill, which takes effect today, allows Zweifel to share information about these medals, such as the name and last known address of the safe deposit box owner and photographs of the items, with the public.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Vicki Englund in the House and handled by Senator Dan Brown in the Senate, passed each chamber unanimously and was given final approval as an amendment to SB 186. Governor Jay Nixon signed the bill into law on July 10.

"Today we begin a partnership with Missouri citizens, veterans' organizations and the media to return the military medals I hold in Unclaimed Property," Treasurer Zweifel said. "My team has proactively returned more than 40 medals since I took office, but today I am asking for help from everyone. These medals should not sit on a shelf gathering dust. They should be with the families of those who earned them."

The medals were safeguarded by Zweifel in Unclaimed Property which holds more than $760 million.

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