Tree falls in storm smashing house in half

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RENICK - A large tree fell on a mobile home near Moberly during a thunderstorm smashing it in half. 

Homeowner Edgar Damron said he was in the family room Sunday night when he heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen area. 

A large oak tree fell onto the mobile home, splitting it right down the middle. 

Edgar Damron's wife, Dororthy Damron, was in her bedroom with her grandson when the tree came crashing in.

The tree blocked the doorway out of the home so Edgar Damron got his daughter and granddaughter out through the family room window. 

Dorothy Damron was trapped in the bedroom with her grandson but she managed to get both of them out after climbing over the tree and heading out the back door. 

Edgar Damron said the tree was very old and dead inside.

He said he had been planning to cut the tree down within the next month.

The tree knocked the air conditioning box out of the window and destroyed the majority of the home.

Dorothy Damron said being without air conditioning is very hard on her because she has health issues that require her to stay indoors on an oxygen machine. 

She reached out to Red Cross for a place to sit inside to get out of the sun and back on oxygen.

Edgar Damron is working with neighbors and community members to clean up the damage as much as possible.