Tree Grant Program Looks to Gain Popularity

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BOONVILLE - The city has replanted 160 trees out of around 200 removed over the past eight years, but city officials said citizens need to come forward to take part. The city's tree grant program first got started in 2005. The purpose of the program was to get rid of dead trees and trees that were too big. The city has removed between 150 and 200 trees since the start of the program.

Parks Director Gary Nauman said, "We have a lot more requests to remove trees than we do to replace trees but I think people are starting to realize that we have the program. We try to advertise it; we try to get the word out."

The program has not been as successful as Nauman thought it would, but the program has seen better numbers.

"Over the years we are also seeing the numbers start to increase," Nauman said.

One resident likes the program because of the price.

Gary Thoma said, "Free and it was good, they're not supposed to grow near as tall as what the other trees did."

Nauman thinks the program will continue until the city council can no longer fund it.