Tree Smashes Centralia Home

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CENTRALIA - Straight-line winds knocked a tree down on top of a house in the 600 Block of Ash Street. The tree snapped from its base and landed on top of the roof in the back yard. A resident nearby says the tree hit the laundry room inside the house. Nobody inside was hurt, and the house is still livable.

Another area that was hit with debris was the Mitchell and Clayton intersection a few blocks away. A tree came crashing down on a van, and busted out the windows. The van's owner, Debbie Stringer, says she had just pulled her child out of the van about 10 minutes before the tree limb came down. Everybody is okay at her home, but she doesn't know if her insurance company can help her repair the van. Trees at Mitchell and Clayton came crashing down on the street, and crews had to remove them before the road was driveable again.