Trees give back

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JEFFERSON CITY - According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there is an increased amount of customers looking to purchase natural Christmas trees.

The Optimist Club in Jefferson City is a non-profit organization which supports 25 programs by selling natural Christmas trees throughout the community to help provide more opportunities for the youth.

And an increase in natural tree shoppers means this organization will have an opportunity to help give back to the community even more. Ralph Biele, worker at The Optimist Club, said this program helps give the youth opportunities they otherwise would not have had.

"The men and women who work here, they like Jefferson City, they like the community, they like to continue to see it grow and the young people have the opportunities that you have any place else," Biele said.

Biele said this is a chance to get involved in the holiday spirit while also giving back to the community at the same time.

"I think all of us feel that life has been very good to us," Biele said. "And you've got to give back. That was one thing I was always taught that you've got to give back when you can."

The Optimist Club opened the day after Thanksgiving and plans to close on December 18th.