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ST. CHARLES - The third day of the murder trial involving the death of a Missouri state trooper ended with both sides resting their cases.

The jury will start deliberations Thursday after closing arguments on whether Serghei Comerzan was responsible for the death of Trooper James Bava.

Bava died in Aug. 2015 while chasing Comerzan along Route FF in Audrain County. Bava was trying to pull Comerzan over for speeding when he lost control of his car and crashed.

Comerzan's defense argued he was unaware Bava was trying to pull him over, saying he never saw Bava again after passing him, therefore he never felt the need to slow down.

The state's prosecutors used a map with data from Bava's car, showing a 7-second window early in the pursuit  in which Comerzan could have seen Bava's car. Comerzan's attorneys point out there were no witnesses at that point in the chase and prosecutors are relying solely on mathematical estimations.

Data from Bava's squad car revealed that he was driving 140 miles per hour when he crashed.

Comerzan is facing charges of second-degree murder as well as resisting a lawful stop.