Trial Delayed Again for Alleged Baby Shaker

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JEFFERSON CITY - Judge Patricia Joyce moved Monday to set another trial date for the Taos woman accused of hitting and dropping a seven month old baby in 2010. The new trial date is set for March 11, 2013.

Defendant Shelley Richter was babysitting Lane Schaeffer on August 19, 2010 when authorities allege Richter shook and dropped the infant on his head. Richter maintains she tripped over another child in the daycare and did not drop the infant despite an investigation indicating the child has shaken baby syndrome.

Richter's attorney said the rescheduling of the trial gives state and defense experts more time to prepare arguments and also agree on dates that work for all parties involved.

Julie Schaeffer, the baby's aunt, told KOMU 8 News previously that Lane is permanently blind and still cannot speak coherent words. A Cole County grand jury indicted Richter with child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. Richter pled not guilty to those charges.