Trial over fatal state trooper crash begins

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ST. CHARLES - The trial of the state of Missouri vs. Serghei Comerzan for the death of Missouri State Trooper, James Bava, is officially underway in St. Charles, following opening statements Monday.

Bava died on August 28, 2015, shortly after 8:30 a.m, after his car crashed while pursuing Comerzan for speeding along Route FF in Audrain County. Bava had clocked Comerzan going 105mph, in a 55mph zone heading westward on a motorcycle. Bava was heading east at the time, but proceeded to turn around and head west upon crossing paths with Comerzan. 

Comerzan is facing charges of 2nd degree murder and resisting a lawful stop.

During opening statements, the state's legal team argued Comerzan tried to outrun Bava and should have stopped.

"The defendant knew or reasonably should have stopped," Stephanie Watson said.

Comerzan's legal team however, argued that there Comerzan was not aware that Bava was pursuing him. Charles James cited that Bava, "was not close enough for him [Comerzan] to hear the sirens," of Bava's car.

Right now, the state is in the process of making its case against Comerzan and presenting evidence to the jury.

Evidence shown so far has included maps of Route FF in Audrain County, photos from the crashsite, a model of the siren switchboard that was in Bava's car and the actual wreckage of Bava's car.

KOMU 8 News will continue to update this story as the trial develops.