Tropical Liqueurs surveillance camera video

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COLUMBIA - Tropical Liqueurs in downtown Columbia had a window broken early Wednesday morning. 

The Trops surveillance camera shows a car passing the window and the window breaking. 

"We figured it out around 10:45 this morning," the general manager Katie Mericle said. "We got here and there was a watermelon sized hole in the window and the rest was just shattered."

The surveillance tape shows a police car driving past the window less than thirty seconds after it happened. A police officer looked at the surveillance video and said the car was a K9-Unit.

"A cop was following the car that drove past when the window shattered, so hopefully this cop will have some insight into what happened with the window," Mericle said.

Trops is not filing an official report and Mericle said she sees no motivation for someone to break the window. Estimated cost for the broken window is around $700. 

Trops used its Twitter feed to find out if other businesses had been vandalized.

"We tweeted to downtown Columbia businesses and the news facilities to see if anyone had found any other vandalism yesterday," Mericle said. "So far there has been nothing yet. Twitter has been amazing lots of people have reached out to us to see if we were OK and see what happened."

Two years ago, almost to date, the other two windows on the front of Trops was broken by a disgruntled customer. Mericle says it was a homeless man who kicked in the windows and to replace those, it cost around $1400.