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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Transportation launched a statewide survey Monday for driver feedback on Missouri’s transportation priorities.

MoDOT is gathering public information to weigh in on the future of Missouri’s roads. The survey can be reached on the MoDOT’s Long Range Transportation website and will remain open through Wednesday, October 11.

New federal requirements call for Missouri to implement a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to assess the needs of Missouri’s roads and bridges for the next 25 years.

The transportation goals include preserving the current roads, keeping travelers safe, strong economic investment and enabling Missourians with better transportation choices.

MoDOT Assistant Transportation Planning Director Ben Reeser said MoDOT is always looking for ways to get public feedback.

“One of the big priorities people have is to take care of our existing roads and bridges and to keep travelers safe,” Reeser said.

The current plan in place was approved in February 2014, but the department is now reviewing safety, economic development and new technologies that will impact the roadways in the years to come. The model planning looks at the state’s highways, bridges, railways, ports, aviation, transit and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

The LRTP also looks at new performance measures, transportation needs and customer expectations and what resources will be required to meet the state’s top transportation priorities.

Reeser says Missouri is also preparing for new technologies, like automated or driverless vehicles and how that will impact roadways in the future.

“We’re not sure how fast that technology will come or how fast it will come to Missouri but we want to keep our eyes open and have that discussion in the state to make sure we’re making the right decisions so we take that into’s starting to come in already and we want to be prepared for that," he said.

Missouri has the nation’s seventh largest state highway system with 33,856 miles of roadways and 10,043 bridges. As new demands and infrastructure priorities emerge, MoDOT hopes public input will provide insight into the planning process.