Trucking Donation

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia small business owner is looking to use his company to help the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston.

Nezir Memic, owner of Laser Transport, a cargo transport company, says he wants to load one of his trucks with relief supplies and bring it to shelters in Houston. 

"These people have gone from having everything to nothing so fast," Memic said. "I want to do my part to help them now."

Memic is asking Columbia residents for donations, including water, blankets, pillows, and non-perishable food. When his truck is full, he plans to drive it to Houston and fund the trip on his own.

"You can go for a week or so without food, but water, you're looking at two or three days," Memic said. "For that, the sooner the better with these supplies."

Memic, a native of Bosnia, said he saw this as an opportunity to give back to a country that welcomed him.

"I came here fifteen years ago and this country and the people of this country have been great to me and I want to give something back," Memic said. 

Memic said the trip is all about bringing joy to those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

"This trip will be a success to me if I can bring a smile to the faces of the people in need," Memic said. "I'm not doing this for money or any other reason. This is all about helping those people."

To make a donation, call Laser Transport at (877) 215-3165 or email Donations can be dropped off at 1474 Old U.S. Highway 40 in Columbia.