Trucks Clear Roads Around the Clock

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COLUMBIA - Some plow drivers in mid-Missouri began working as early as 2:30 a.m. Monday to clean roads of snowfall and drop salt to prevent ice.  Crews from both the city of Columbia and MoDOT worked all day and will work all through the night to clear roads.

Monday's snowfall is mid-Missouri's largest of the season.  About 1.7 inches of snow had fallen over mid-Missouri by mid-afternoon Monday.  One MoDOT official for Boone County and Cole County said crews were alerted almost two days before the snow started falling.

"We'd been checking the radar and knew we needed to mobilize our workers and trucks," said MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Mike Belt.  "We have 25 trucks that will be running all throughout today, then a crew shift in the evening.  That crew will be partolling the streets laying salt to prevent the refreezing of melted snow."

The city of Columbia and MoDOT are responsible for different roads.  MoDOT's crews are responsible for cleaning state roads like Interstate 70, U.S. 63, Providence Road, and Stadium Boulevard.  The city of Columbia's crews focus on city streets.

Columbia has 22 trucks that are responsible for clearing city streets.  Public works spokesperson Jill Stedem said the city's responsible for more than people think.

"Our trucks cover around 500 miles of city streets," said Stedem.  "MoDOT's responsible for 65 miles of roads in Columbia's city limits."

Both departments said they'll have crews working all through the night to make sure roads are safe for morning travel on Tuesday.  Be sure to check MoDOT's Traveler Information Map for the latest road conditions.