True/False Film Festival Grant

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COLUMBIA – The True/False Film Festival received a grant to support one of its projects.

The Missouri Humanities Council (MHC) gave $6,800 to help support the festival’s project, “True/False film fest filmmaker education ambassadors.”

Allison Coffelt, the festival’s education and outreach director, said the program is fairly new.

“This is the first year we have crystallized it as the filmmaker ambassador program,” Coffelt said.

The 2017 program will include four major components. There will be a filmmaker discussion series for the public, workshops for high school students, Camp True/False and the student symposium.

“[It’s] a way for us to really focus on about half a dozen filmmakers who are coming in for the film festival for a number of reasons and have them do public appearances and educational talks and work with students and work with the general public in sort of a more crystallized way,” Coffelt said.

The MHC is Missouri’s only state-wide agency that works exclusively with humanities education. It has been a state affiliate of the national program since 1971.

Steve Belko, director of MHC, said the organization was happy with how the program works to educate people.

“Has a stunning educational outreach. There’s about 12-hundred Columbia Public School sophomores that will be affected by this,” Belko said.

Belko calls the humanities a broad subject and calls film an important part of the humanities. 

“They are covering topics from religion to literature, sociology, political history, you know the comically absurd,” Belko said.

The filmmakers who will be involved with the upcoming festival will be finalized by early 2017.