True/False Film Festival Looks For A Sellout Crowd

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COLUMBIA - Missouri's biggest film festival was underway in Columbia Thursday and organizers were hoping to maintain the growing trend of higher attendance numbers.

Hundreds of people lined up outside the True/False box office in hopes of getting a ticket to one of the 40 independent films being shown over the weekend.    

True/False Film Co-Director David Wilson said he thought this year's festival would be bigger because the quality of the past keeps the future festivals growing and growing.

"I think there's a vibe with T/F. There's a real sense of community. It's a pretty special event. I think there's a real spirit to it that satisfies the lot of needs people have for the communities and to see events and to learn about the world," Wilson said.

People from all the over the country came to attend the tenth annual T/F Film Festival. One movie attendee said she thought the type of movies being shown by organizers is interesting and unlike something one would normally see at a movie theater.

"The quality of documentaries they show here, it's pretty much regardless of the title or what it's about, it's going to be something that hits home in the end, " said Kirchhoff.

Wilson said there are still thousands of tickets available. Tickets to any one film will range from $8 to $12 depending on the venue and the time of pick up.