True/False Film Festival wows festival-goers from all over the world

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COLUMBIA - It’s not every day that people from South Korea, Brazil and Romania are walking the streets of downtown Columbia. 

Yet that is the scene at True/False Film Festival this weekend as people have come from not just all over the US, but from all over the world to experience the beauty of film. 

“I live in Syracuse, NY and drove 15 hours to be here at the festival. I am also from Eastern Europe, and walking around downtown I feel like it has a 60’s American taste and an Eastern European feel,” filmmaker of John 746, Cosmim Nicoara. 

While walking the streets of downtown, you will hear music from violins and accordions and see hundreds of people dressed in their own unique costumes. 

“For this festival I put on my Hermione costume that I have had since I was six. And I have on my sisters drum major dress,” one filmgoer said.

There are even cool attractions like virtual reality narratives, a spinning barn display and a giant white tent for patrons to walk into and see sunlight through the roof.

Andrew James has directed a small film titled “Community Patrol” and he has been very impressed with the atmosphere of the downtown area during the festival.

“The hospitality and city have been great. There is a great vibe to downtown during this time and we are excited to share our film with a festival that has such a great reputation.”

With the luck of mother nature, the weather has been picture perfect for the first two days of the festival. This great weather has provided a great atmosphere for the already exciting weekend in Columbia.